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Fri, 3rd February, 2023

From The Desk Of Yasser Moosa aka "Mozie"

Hello Fellow Marketers

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Yasser, but most people online know me as "Mozie". I'm a full-time marketer that makes a living off selling digital products, running a membership and helping others start their online businesses. If you're serious about making money online, then using digital products with resell rights is one of the best places to start whether you're looking to build your list, start a coaching membership or just want to resell them for profits. The difference between successful marketers and one's that fail is simple...Successful marketers TAKE ACTION and model the success of others!

Introducing the...

So What's The Resell Rights Blowout V1?

In this monster Resell Rights blowout, you'll be getting a resell rights license to 35 hot-selling digital products.

You'll be gaining instant access to download and "OWN" 35 niche products that are proven to sell and ready to give your marketing business the jump-start it needs to bring is regular profits and build a massive subscriber list.

You'll be able to quickly establish yourself as an internet marketing expert that pushes out great information products and many of them you'll even be getting a private label rights license to.

Just be sure to read the license of each product to know exactly what you can and cannot do with them.

Resell Rights Blowout V1

OK I'm Interested... But What Products Will I be Getting???

Here's the list of 35 Hot Resell Rights and PLR Products You'll Be Getting Instant Download Access To Today:

Resell Rights Product 1

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Resell Rights Product 24

Resell Rights Product 25

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Resell Rights Product 27

Resell Rights Product 28

Resell Rights Product 29

Resell Rights Product 30

Resell Rights Product 31

Resell Rights Product 32

Resell Rights Product 33

Resell Rights Product 34

Resell Rights Product 35

Here's Some Ways You Can Use The Products In This Blowout To Grow Your Business...

  • Start your own resell rights membership site to earn recurring income
  • Start your own monthly coaching membership site and use the content to coach your students
  • Resell them as is for profits
  • Bundle them into your own packages and resell them for more.
  • Use them as upsells in your sales funnel
  • Use the PLR newsletters to build your list
  • Monetize the products that have a PLR license with related affiliate offers to maximize your earnings
  • Start your own digital products store and you'll already have lots of products ready to fill your store
  • Use them as affiliate bonuses for offers you're promoting
  • Use them as bonuses for your own paid products and offers
  • So many other ways!

Note: Just check the licenses of each product to see exactly what you can and cannot do with each product - reading them can give you more ideas of how you can use them to make money and grow your info product business.

This is truly a pure GOLDMINE for serious marketers that want to make money while helping others...

Are You a Serious Marketer?

I'll be straight with you, the difference between successful marketers and marketers that fail is...

Successful Marketer's TAKE ACTION!

So move closer towards success right NOW and click that buy now button below..

You won't be sorry, even if you not planning to resell the products but just want to learn from it, it's still a massive wealth of information.

And if you plan to resell it after you learned from it, that's fine too!

Resell Rights Blowout V1

Oh..I see you're still scrolling down this page without buying...

......OK let me put the cherry on top

What would a great blowout deal be without an EPIC bonus??

So to get you off the fence...

I'll be throwing in these FAST ACTION BONUSES:

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Resell Rights Blowout V1

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See you on the inside!

Mozie 🙂

P.S. Even if you sold each product for only $1 each, you'd be making a profit, imagine you sold each for $5 each, an even bigger profit and the built your own coaching membership...more profits! You get my drift? The possibilities are endless with such a Resell Rights package.

P.S.S. This is an introductory price, I'll be raising the price soon and pulling the bonuses, grab it while the price is still low and bonuses are in-tact.

Resell Rights Blowout V1