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Resell Rights Frequently Asked Questions

What are Basic Resell Rights?

Products with Basic Resell Rights allow you to sell the product with a personal use license and keep 100% of the profits, but you may not sell the resell rights to your customers. So in a nutshell, only you have a reseller licenses and your customers do not.

What Are Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Products with a Private Label Rights license, also known as PLR Products allow you to completely edit and customize a product at will. It also allows you to sell the product under your own name as the author. PLR products normally come with editable files so that customization is easy for you to rebrand the PLR and make it unique to your brand. Licenses differ according to product creators, so always read the product and what you can do with it to be certain.

What Are Master Resell Rights (MRR)?

Master Resell Rights (AKA Master Resale Rights or MRR) allow you to sell to your customers a license for them to resell it too. In other words, if you own a product with Master Resell Rights, you can resell it and pass along the resale rights to your customers too. This increases value of the product significantly, because your customer may resell the product and they can keep 100% of the profits for themselves too. So you become a high level digital product reseller and resell rights supplier. Some Master Resell Rights product developers even allow you to pass on Master Resell Rights to your customers as well which is quite epic.

Do all the products come with Sales Pages?

Unfortunately not, some product creators do not provide a sales page. Although Majority of the products do come with sales pages, some with squeeze pages too.

What Can I do With These Products?

Every product comes with a licenses that will tell you exactly what you can do with them. Besides simply using them, you can sell them and keep all the profits. Some allow you to resell the reseller licenses so that you can earn even more. Your imagination is the limit with Resell rights products.

How do I receive my products?

Our products can be purchased through JVZoo and payments can be made via paypal. Once your purchase is completed, you'll be able to access your membership login info and you'll be able to login to our membership area and download all the resell rights products advertised in the blowout you purchased.

Are there any exceptions for Paypal?

If you're looking to make a purchase, touch base with me using the contact form and we can discuss an arrangement for you. I do have other platforms which I accepts payments through which is with 2checkout (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard), Scrill or Payza.

Does my download access to the products I purchase expire?

Absolutely not, once you purchase a blowout from us, you'll be able to access your downloads indefinitely and that product/blowout will be added to your permanent membership. so you'll be able to download your products at will. Although we do monitor how many times products get downloaded, how many ips login to a certain membership and how many downloads of a product is made. We lock accounts if we see fraudulent activity and reserve to right to ban accounts that are clearly being shared. This is to product product integrity for our members and for the creators of the products.

How You Can Make Money With Resell Rights?

1. Become a digital product reseller - You can resell the products as is, simply upload the product to your hosting server with your PayPal buttons and you're ready for sales.

2. Create your own E-course to help others - Use PLR products to create an E-course which you deliver to your customers through a auto-responder or through your own website.

3. Using resell rights products as a product bonus - You can use resell rights products as a bonus to your own product or to affiliate products you are promoting. This helps you to add more value to the affiliate offer and can be an awesome way to drive extra sales to your affiliate marketing efforts.

4. Use PLR to create your own high quality product - If the resell rights products comes with PLR, then you can completely rebrand and transform the product into your own product and resell it as a unique product, just add your own flavor and expertise and find more ways to add even more value to it.

5. Create a reseller digital product package deal - Bundle a few resell rights products into your OWN bundle and sell it as a package and sell it for a higher price, then add some extra products as bonuses to make the offer a "no brainers"

6. Run your own firesale - sell a couple of products for cheap to make a quick buck, just be sure the licenses of the products allow you to add it into a firesale bundle.

7. Create your OWN resell rights membership site  -  You can create a monthly membership site where you supply other marketers with regular reseller products for their online businesses. You then become a supplier for other digital product sellers.

8. Create a membership training site - You can become an internet marketing coach where you use PLR videos and PLR articles to create a monthly membership which trainings your market in a certain niche.

9. Setup your first online store that sells digital products - Create your own digital product store and sell products with resell rights or with personal use licenses to people hungry for information.

10. Transform your digital products into physical products - A example would be to copy PLR videos onto a CD/DVD and sell them on marketplaces such as Ebay and others.

11. Become a high level ebook best seller on major ebook marketplaces - Sell ebooks as information products on major ebook marketplaces like Amazon Kindle.

12. Start your own affiliate program - Get affiliates to promote your resell rights products by joining some of the top affiliate networks like JVZoo and Clickbank.

13. Using resell rights and PLR products as idea generators for your own products - Use your resell rights products to get ideas for new content or products of your own.

14. Find other marketplaces that are mini job sites and offer your digital products for sale to information seekers - Example: Sell them on fiverr for $5 over and over again!

15. Selling digital products on your website while blogging - Create your own website and blog about making money online and then sell products to your readers for cheap while you build a big "buyers" email list.

16. Use PLR and reseller products as personal training guides - Use resell rights and PLR products to learn and develop your personal skills and then start offering services to other business like SEO, web design, writing services, setting up squeeze pages and so many other in-demand services.

17. Use resell rights products to build a email list of subscribers - Find a good quality resell rights products and use it as a lead magnet that offers value to your visitor and exchanges the lead magnet for their email address and permission to be able to email them. Then up-sell them an even better offer where you offer amazing value for a affordable price.

18. You can use PLR articles as content for your websites and blogs - Use PLR articles to blog on your website to drive quick traffic on keywords you know your potential customers would be searching for. To get better results, slightly rewrite them so that they appear unique to search engines.

19. Transform a PLR product into your OWN information product and set your own price - Be creative example: Use a video script to record your own video product or get someone of fiverr to do it for you, then bundle the video product with some ebooks and audio to give it extra value and to make the offer awesome, add 10 extra resell right products as bonuses to your offer.

20. Transcribe PLR content into audio courses - Find a good PLR product, use it to develop an epic audio course and resell the audio course with resell rights to maximize your earnings.

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